JOSERA premiers as the first DLG certified
pet food producer in Germany!

Since February 2013 JOSERA is the first pet producer in Germany which has been DLG certified. The DLG certification means that the entire company has been audited according to the strict DLG regulations. Additionally all our products from the line “A Special Need” have been checked according to DLG guidelines.


Test criteria include:

  • Assessment of the entire production company
  • Control of all raw ingredients used
  • Analytical checks of the end products
  • Certificate of sensory quality
  • Testing of declaration and feeding guide

DLG test service is a daughter company of the German Agricultural Society. It is one of the leading quality insurance agencies in Germany regarding the control of raw materials, end products, quality insurance and production in Foodstuff and Agriculture. Further information concerning the DLG can be found on

Benefits of DLG product certification for our customers / end consumers:

  • End consumers can be sure of the quality and the ingredients
  • Offers a quality guarantee for the used raw materials, production process and end products
  • 100% transparency concerning the product quality

Package sticker
To sharpen the end consumer awareness for this benefit, all our products of the “A Special Need” line will be provided with a special DLG sticker. This sticker contains a QR code, which offers detailed information concerning product characteristics, product analyses and data concerning the producer and certification.


Production and Product:
The DLG Experts do not only test the finished feed, but also supervise the entire production process.


Control number:
Every product bearing a DLG product certificate is tested analytically and sensorally (taste acceptance test).


Animal food that bears a DLG product certificate has passed all analytical tests and shown high quality.


The DLG certification offers you and your customers an extra unique sales argument which confirms JOSERA’S high quality and distinguishes us from other products and brands.

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» Phone +49 9371 940-120
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» Phone +49 9371 940-120
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