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Fat- and protein-reduced, moderate level of minerals

For our seniors: A special food designed to boost vitality also in old age. The reduced protein and fat content helps to ease strain on the metabolism. The balanced and extremely well-tolerated formula containing valuable antioxidants helps to counteract cell-ageing. It is therefore highly suitable for older dogs.

  • For older and quieter dogs with a lower energy requirement
  • Low-fat recipe to prevent obesity
  • The low fat content and L-carnitine encourage an optimal ratio of fatty tissue and muscle mass.
  • Together with taurine, L-carnitine also supports cardiac function

Complete feed for adult dogs with lower calorie requirements. 

Packaging size: 
900 g, 5 x 900 g, 15 kg

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  Weight control
Thanks to an especially fat-reduced formula and the presence of L-carnitine, this constitutes the ideal food for less active and/or elderly dogs.
A well-balanced calcium phosphorus ratio, vitamin C, as well as manganese and copper, which are easy to absorb, support a strong bone structure and healthy joints.
  A healthy heart
L-carnitine and taurine support cardiovascular functions.



Complete feed for adult dogs with lower calorie requirements.
whole grain corn; poultry protein (dried); rice; beet fibre; poultry protein (hydrolysed); poultry fat; minerals; chicory root, ground (natural source of inulin); New Zealand greenlipped mussel meat (Perna canaliculus), dried.

 Analytical constituents:
 protein % 20,0
 fat content % 8,0
 crude fibre % 3,0
 crude ash % 5,8
 calcium % 0,95
 phosphorus % 0,75
 sodium % 0,50
 potassium % 0,10
 metabolisable energy MJ/kg 14,4
  kcal/kg 3457
 Nutritional additives per 1 kg:
 pantothenic acid mg/kg 50
 niacin mg/kg 90
 folic acid mg/kg 5
 L-carnitine mg/kg 300
 taurine mg/kg 1000
 biotin mcg/kg 1000
 vitamin C mg/kg 200
 iron (ferrous sulfate, monohydrate) mg/kg 200
 zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg/kg 160
 manganese (manganese- (II)-oxide) mg/kg  16
 copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg/kg 20
 iodine (calcium iodate) mg/kg 2,0
 selenium (sodium selenite) mg/kg 0,25
 Nutritional additives per 1 kg:
 vitamin A I.U./kg 18000
 vitamin D3 I.U./kg 1800
 vitamin E mg/kg 400
 vitamin B1 mg/kg 15
 vitamin B2 mg/kg 20
 vitamin B6 mg/kg 20
 vitamin B12 mcg/kg 100
 Technological additives:
 Antioxidants: tocopherol extracts of natural origin.
Feeding recommendation:
/ 24h
less active /
5 kg50 g 65 g 70 g
10 kg90 g 120 g 150 g
20 kg 150 g 200 g 255 g
30 kg200 g 270 g 345 g
40 kg 250 g 335 g 425 g
60 kg 335 g 455 g 580 g
80 kg 415 g 570 g 725 g

Recommended amounts are per day. Please refer to your dog‘s normal weight. For less active or gogs that are prone to overweight, the recommended amounts can be reduced by 25 %.
Always provide fresh drinking water for your pet.

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