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Small kibble size for true gourmets

The special adult dog food for the little whirlwinds who don‘t need to hide behind the big dogs! Small kibbles offer the maximum enjoyment combined with the best ingredients for great skin and a beautiful glossy coat.

  • With extra flavour for the smaller connoisseur
  • Reduces the risk of tartar formation
  • With valuable fatty acids and biotin for healthy skin and a shiny coat

Complete feed for adult dogs.

Packaging size:
900 g, 5 x 900 g, 15 kg

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Josera Dog Food Tartar prophylaxis   Tartar prophylaxis
Reduced risk of tartar formation by binding calcium in the
Josera Dog Food Skin & Coat   Skin & Coat
A shiny coat and a healthy skin are signs that your dog is
receiving the ideal food. This is assured by the presence of
fatty acids, vitamins and organically bound copper and zinc.
Josera Dog Food Small kibble size   Small kibble size
The small kibble size helps small dogs chew the food better.



Complete feed for adult dogs.
poultry protein (dried); whole grain corn; rice; poultry fat; beet fibre; poultry protein (hydrolysed); minerals (sodium tri-polyphosphate 0.35 %); yeast; chicory root, ground (natural source of inulin).

 Analytical constituents:
 protein % 27,0
 fat content % 16,0
 crude fibre % 2,0
 crude ash % 7,2
 calcium % 1,5
 phosphorus % 1,2
 sodium % 0,40
 potassium % 0,10
 metabolisable energy MJ/kg 16,2
  kcal/kg 3872
 Nutritional additives per 1 kg:
 pantothenic acid mg/kg 50
 niacin mg/kg 90
 folic acid mg/kg 5
 biotin mcg/kg 1000
 iron (ferrous sulfate, monohydrate) mg/kg 250
 zinc (zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg/kg 160
 manganese (manganese- (II)-oxide) mg/kg  20
 copper (cupric chelate of glycine, hydrate) mg/kg 20
 iodine (calcium iodate) mg/kg 2,5
 selenium (sodium selenite) mg/kg 0,3
 Nutritional additives per 1 kg:
 vitamin A I.U./kg 18000
 vitamin D3 I.U./kg 1800
 vitamin E mg/kg 220
 vitamin B1 mg/kg 15
 vitamin B2 mg/kg 20
 vitamin B6 mg/kg 20
 vitamin B12 mcg/kg 100
 Technological additives:
 Antioxidants: tocopherol extracts of natural origin. 
Feeding recommendation:
/ 24h
less active / senior normal
2 kg 35 g 43 g 50 g
4 kg 60 g 73 g 85 g
6 kg 65 g 80 g 95 g
8 kg 70 g 93 g 115 g
10 kg 85 g 110 g 135 g

Recommended amounts are per day.

Always provide fresh drinking water for your pet.

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