Off to new worlds!

Our premium dogfood range with a completely new look!


JOSERA – Find it. Like it. Feed it.


To help you find the right product for your four-legged friend even faster, we’ve re-done our product line, giving it a fully new look: each product, based on its individual characteristics, belongs to one of 4 worlds.

– Little connoisseurs, big appetite!
Products designed especially for small breeds.

Daily – Every day with you is wonderful!
Delicious meals for daily life.

Special – We follow the path you choose!
Recipes developed especially for particular needs.

Nature – Back to basics!
Original recipes for nature lovers.




The improvements at a glance:

  • New system
  • New look
  • Streamlined packaging sizes (1,5kg, 4kg, 15kg)
  • Uniform paper packaging
  • Now with a zipper on the 15 and 4 kg bags


What hasn’t changed, and never will, is the high quality of our products!

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